Our Faux Down feels like feathers, just better...

...we promise you won't want to go back to another pillow after you have tried ours

everyBody needs a Cuddle…

family friendly

Cuddle Cushions body pillows and pillows are hand crafted and ideal for comfort, posture and decor.

Each cushion is filled with high quality ball fibre which is non-allergenic, anti-bacterial and fully machine washable, most importantly ball fibre is made from recycled materials.

Cuddle Cushions are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics…..

Because everyBody needs a cuddle!

everyBody needs a cuddle...


Thing is, we don’t always have someone loving to cuddle up to, so next best thing is to have something soft and comfy to cuddle into.

At Cuddle Cushions we understand this basic human need to cuddle…

That’s why we set about creating bespoke cushions which you can cuddle up to any time of the day or night. Not only is cuddling very therapeutic, it also helps your body to release oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that not only lowers blood pressure but also promotes vastly enhanced levels of life satisfaction.

Only when you’ve cuddled into one of our gorgeous handmade cuddle cushions will you understand why everyone who has bought one wonders how they ever lived without one. Young or old, single or involved, once you’ve napped with a cuddle cushion you’re completely sold.

And because we love our fur babies so much, we have also developed the Cuddle Puddle which allows your fur baby to curl up in a warm fluffy circular bed which literally wraps itself around them. Spoil your fur babies today and get each one a cuddle puddle. Your heart will literally melt when you see them fast asleep wrapped in sumptuous joy.

Cuddle Cushions – no more lonely nights, ever… everyBody deserves a cuddle!

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