Faux Down Body Pillow

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Faux Down Body Pillow

Faux Down Body Pillow

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Category: Cotton Cushion

Tags: Boyfriend Cushion Cuddle Cushion everBody needs a Cuddlen Pregnancy Cushion

Faux Down Body Pillow - Our Top Seller!

The perfect cuddle companion for a greats nights sleep. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of faux down without the cruelty of down. Our non allergenic, anti bacterial faux down filling is great for anyone with allergies and our breathable material allows for a perfect pillow in all 4 seasons. Our faux down pillow range is perfect for anyone who loves a high quality pillow that is soft and plush yet firm enough for adequate neck support.

45cm x 140cm

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 59 × 39 × 39 cm